You have questions and we have answers! If this is your first vehicle shipment you probably have many questions. We answer some common questions here, please let a representative know if there is anything we missed. We want you to be comfortable and well informed, because we know you’ll appreciate the quality of our services.

Before the delivery date we collect all your phone numbers and email addresses. We normally recieve a 24 hour notice from carriers before pick up, sometimes the same day. If, for some reason you are unable to be at the drop off to meet the carrier, please have someone designated by you to pay the carrier or, if there is no one available we will take the payment on your behalf with a 3% charge of only the carriers portion to pay them on your behalf.
Your auto transport quote(s) remain valid for one to two weeks after you receive them. We recommend that you book your shipment as soon as possible. However, keep in mind, that booking too far in advance increases the chances of a price change later on, since there are seasons in certain areas of the country that fluctuate prices.
Absolutely! Never do business with a carrier that doesn’t provide insurance, because federal law requires at least $75,000 insurance for the vehicles on their transport trucks. The carriers we use insure your car for 100% of its Kelly Blue Book value. Once in a while, accidents will occur, thus resulting in damage. Although damage is unlikely, always inspect a delivered vehicle for damages incurred during transport. If you detect damage, make sure to notate it on the final bill of lading and make sure both the driver and yourself sign it. Please contact us immediately so that we can provide you the insurance information to file a claim with the assigned carriers insurance. Be sure to include good documentation so that your claim will be paid in its entirety. Always inspect your vehicle before and after transport, and take many pictures.
Transport Reviews accepts compensated reviews – the reviewer is paid to gush about the service he or she received. These reviews appear with a green dot adjacent to the reviewer’s name. We have a word for this kind of review: SCAM! Do not patronize shippers who pay for their reviews — they are not trustworthy and will use any gimmick to steal your business. Stick with reputable companies that don’t bribe reviewers to say something nice.
We don’t recommend it, but ultimately it’s your option. You are allowed to ship up to 100 pounds of soft items in your vehicle’s trunk. Auto transport carriers don’t have licenses to transport anything other than vehicles. However, items you put into a locked trunk are a private matter. Just make sure it isn’t a live pet or little child! Remember, the trunk contents are uninsured, so it’s best to limit what you put there to soft items like bedding, linens or towels. Never pack valuables or fragile merchandise in the trunk.